Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

April 6, 2023

Have you considered getting tested for sexually transmitted infections?  It would be a good idea especially if you think you may have been exposed, have any signs/symptoms, or if you have a new partner.  Do not hesitate in getting screened for STIs. STIs are serious illnesses that need treatment. Types of STIs Common types of […]

Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

March 11, 2023

As we celebrate International Women’s Day in March, we may feel inspired to support different women’s causes or feel compelled to empower the females in our own lives.  Either way, it is always a good idea to help others when we can.  Are you searching for organizations that support women’s empowerment around the world or […]


Your HPV Questions – Answered

March 4, 2023

There are several questions with concern to many different health issues.  Human papillomavirus is no exception.  Many have questions about the topic and the OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch would like to help answer those questions about HPV for you here. What is HPV (human papillomavirus)? Human papillomavirus is a virus that can affect […]



March 4, 2023

The uterus is lined with endometrial tissue and that lining is called the endometrium. A woman’s body grows a new endometrium with each menstrual cycle to prepare for a fertilized egg. There is a condition where the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, that condition is called Endometriosis.   What Is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is often painful […]

heart health

Heart Health

February 16, 2023

You probably already know that heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. There are ways you can protect your heart and stay healthy.  Start by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and understanding your risk of heart disease. Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations From The American […]

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Date Night At Home

February 11, 2023

Are you and your partner homebodies or maybe you forgot to make dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day?  Whatever the reason you can definitely have a fun, intimate evening celebrating Valentine’s Day at home.  Would you like a little inspiration? Ideas For A Valentine’s Date Night At Home Cook A Meal Together Do you have a […]

cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention

February 4, 2023

Many of us already know that cancer is a major health concern worldwide.  It is also the second leading cause of death in the United States.  It is of course not a diagnosis any of us want to receive.  Want to learn of things that you can do to prevent cancer?   Eat A Nutrient-Rich Diet […]

weight loss

Tips For Weight Loss Success

January 20, 2023

For many of us, at the beginning of each year, we set new year resolutions or goals for ourselves.  Are you among the 37% of Americans that has a goal to lose weight this year?  Would you like some tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals? First, consult your physician prior to starting […]



January 12, 2023

Having a baby is an amazing experience. In most cases, vaginal births are usually preferred, but in some cases, a C-section (cesarean section or cesarean delivery) is the only safe option. A C-section carries risks and benefits, which should be discussed with your healthcare provider. Curious to learn more about C-sections? What Is A C-section? […]

goals & vision boards

Goals & Vision Boards

January 4, 2023

As we enter a new year, many of us take this time to focus on creating new goals or finding new ways for self-improvement.  Whether you want to improve your career path, focus on your health, buy a new home or start a family there are ways you can approach these goals to ensure they […]