Month: August 2021

Can You Boost Fertility?

August 28, 2021

The short answer would be, yes.  However, there is more to it than just that.  Preconception planning can help you and your partner understand how to boost your chances of having a healthy pregnancy. You may feel ready to conceive, but is your body ready?  Here are some tips that can help you to boost […]

Sexuality and Aging

August 19, 2021

Is it normal for my sexuality to change as I age? So many things change as we age and our sexuality is no exception to that rule.  Whether you notice changes gradually or if it sneaks up on you and all of the sudden you are aware that your sex drive just isn’t what it […]

What Causes Breast Pain And Tenderness?

August 13, 2021

Are you experiencing breast pain or tenderness?  There are many causes of breast pain – most of which can be treated fairly simply.  We will cover some of the top causes here and share some solutions with you. Could it be that your hormones are making your breast sore? Fluctuations in hormones are one main […]

Benefits Of Breastfeeding

August 6, 2021

August has been designated as National Breastfeeding Month and was formed by the United States Breastfeeding Committee in 1995.  If you are considering breastfeeding and would like to learn more about some of the benefits then you are in the right place.   There are many benefits for both moms and babies when it comes to […]