Month: February 2022


Stress & Your Body

February 25, 2022

Stress is our body’s normal reaction to many situations and it happens to everyone. When you experience changes or challenges in life (stressors), your body produces a physical and mental response to those challenges. That natural reaction is called stress. What is stressing Americans out?  According to Statista, the COVID-19 pandemic is at the top […]

Morning Sickness

February 17, 2022

Finding out that you are pregnant can be exciting for many new parents.  However, that excitement can dampen some with a classic case of morning sickness.  Don’t fear morning sickness is generally temporary for most women.  Approximately 7 in 10 pregnant women have morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy. Generally, it starts about […]

work-life balance

Work-life “Balance”

February 11, 2022

Becoming a mom can be such a joyful experience.  Some might even say being a mom is truly a blessing.  However, there may be times you think to yourself…  Why does this blessing make me so tired, stressed, or anxious (or all of the above)?  We all have heard or have felt just how overwhelming […]

cancer support

How To Be Supportive To Someone With Cancer

February 2, 2022

When one of our loved ones receives a cancer diagnosis it can be beyond our comprehension.  You might at times feel helpless and wonder in what ways you can be supportive.  It is such a fragile time for those that have been diagnosed and for those people that love them. Did you know that many […]