Nursery Room Trends & Safety Tips

May 19, 2022

If you are trying to get pregnant or just found out that you are pregnant you may be researching all things baby.  It is such a fun time to prepare for a baby and it can also be nerve-wracking at times – ultimately, it is an exciting time and we are excited for you! 

Do you like decorating or do you need a little inspiration?  Here we will share some tips and trends to help you welcome your baby into the world.

Safety first!

There is a lot to do when it comes to baby-proofing your home.  However, if you start early and take baby steps to accomplish each task.  You will not feel as much pressure to get it all done before the baby arrives.  

Even though it will take months after the baby is born for them to crawl and get into things.  Once your baby is here you may find that you do not have the time or energy to do all the things on your to-do list.  So again, the sooner the better.

Nursery Room Trends

Now, for the fun part!  Which nursery room trend speaks to you the most?

  • Bold Monochromatic – Do you have a color in mind for the baby’s space?  This trend allows you to have fun with one hue and pair it with other tones of that same color.  
  • Oh, My Stars! – Yes, celestial themes are on this trend list.  It can create a serene environment.
  • Elevated Animal Prints – There are so many playful opportunities with this trend.  You can really make it feel warm and add in your favorite animals on the walls.  Plus, you can accent the room with matching plush toys for a cohesive feel.
  • Is Blue The New Neutral?! –  Many people love incorporating blue in their home and it works for the baby’s room too.  Blue often has a calming effect, making it a wise choice for the nursery or any other room that you would like to feel calmer in.
  • Line Drawings & Illustrations – If you are feeling creative this one can be so much fun.  You can make it as simplistic or statement-driven as you see fit.
  • Sophisticated Style – If you have a style in mind that you feel works in the room and you want something that can easily transition throughout your child’s life – this is a good option.
  • A Little Outdoor Inspiration – This could be warm earth tones or maybe you have been inspired by botanicals that you would like to “pick” and display in this space.

The possibilities are really endless.  Still, need a little more inspiration?  Check out some other designs that might speak to you.  

This can truly be an exciting time for new parents.  You may have tons of questions or concerns about safety, baby supplies, etc. Which ones are right for your family?  Also, new moms may also be thinking about their labor and delivery plan.  Whether or not to breastfeed or is baby formula the more realistic choice for your family?  You will know what is right for you and your family.  If you do find you need guidance… OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch is here to help!