Fun Nursery Ideas

July 29, 2021

When thinking about creating a nursery or any space for a baby before the baby is here…  It starts off something like “oh no, my baby is going to have his/her own space and there will be clearly drawn lines where my home’s aesthetic ends and where baby’s space begins.”  Or whatever your version of that may be in regards to having a nice order and flow within your home.  Does that sound familiar?  There are going to be multiple days where those lines become a little blurred and that is okay.  You will find your rhythm and what truly works for you, your family, and your home.

Where to start?

First, you will not need all of the baby things.  Yes, there are some great products out there but you do not need them all, especially all at once.  

What will I need for my nursery?

More than likely you will not really need a changing table, two dressers, crib, cubby storage, and a big rocking chair with an ottoman displayed in the room.  They are nice to have, but you may find that they can really be overwhelming.  Especially if you have limited space.  

No need to stress over it. We are going to share some tips and some nursery room design trends for 2021 with you here.

Tips & Ideas

  • Safety first!  Keep the baby’s crib away from windows, cover the outlets, and more.
  • Repurpose your closet space or eliminating a closet door will save you some space in the room.
  • Think of creating a space where you can easily transition into the different stages of your child’s life. 
  • If you have a short dresser, make it multi-functional by designating a changing table on top of the dresser.  The changing station should be in a location that you can easily access.  Plus, it should be secured and safe for the baby. You are not going to want the changing station to move around on you while you are trying to change the baby.
  • Set up the nursery where you can easily access those things that you need multiple times a day.  Your inventory of diapers should be close to the changing area.  For example, if you have your baby on the changing table and you get distracted from refilling the easily accessible diapers on or near the changing table.  Now the backup diapers are in the closet on the other side of the room and you do not want to step away leaving your baby unattended on the changing table to get the diapers. Keep things like this in mind.
  • Get creative with storage.  From redesigning the closet to having storage under the crib.  You can have storage almost anywhere.
  • Set time aside to purge clothes and toys that your baby no longer needs or fits into.  Donate or sell those gently used items.
  • If you have more decorations than you know what to do with – rotate them.  Put a few of your favorites out and store the rest.  Think of it this way, the less stuff you have on display means the less stuff you will have to dust.  Use that time for extra cuddles. 

Nursery trends for 2021

Care to be inspired?  There are so many fun options!  Let’s dive into some different style options for your little one’s new space.

  • Gender Neutral Decor – If you do not want the room to scream boy or girl…this look might be the one for you.  Plus, a stylish monochromatic vibe may flow well with the rest of your home. 
  • Woodland Themes – This trend can also work well as a gender neutral theme in neutral colors or spice it up a bit with some bold colors.
  • Vacation Vibes – Do you love the look of the tropics or pink flamingos?  You may just love this style trend.
  • Hygge Decor – This style feels so welcoming, cozy, and offers fun with textures.
  • Sun-Drenched Style – The sun signifies a brand new day or a new era.  If that sounds interesting to you, you may just love this look.
  • Painted Vintage – Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old in this case.  There are new products that are vintage inspired.

Whatever you choose, have fun with it.  Get inspired and create boards on Pinterest if that interests you.  Bringing a new baby home is so special.  The most important thing is for you and your family to stay safe and healthy.