Healthy Foods to Eat While You’re Pregnant

January 20, 2016

There are several foods you should eat when you’re pregnant. Knowing what foods are best to eat helps ensure that you are providing your baby the right nutrition needed to further their development. Our team can work with you personally to create a diet that best suits your current health.


Eating yogurt is a great way to get calcium and B12  into your body. B12 is important for healthy red blood cells. Simply adding whole-grain cereal or fresh fruits to your yogurt will make for an even tastier treat. This is a great and tasty treat, especially when you’re pregnant. 


All types of berries and fruit are great to help fill your stomach and enjoy alongside meals. Raspberries, bananas and oranges are delicious sources of fruit that can add a kick to any meal. Packed with vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin B6 and potassium, these berries give you everything you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. 


Eating eggs as a regular part of your diet can provide you with the daily proteins and amino acids you need while you’re pregant. With more than a dozen different vitamins and minerals, as well as additional vitamins like Choline, eggs are the perfect food source for helping the development of your baby’s brain. The best thing about eggs is their variety of preparation and serving options. You can hard boil them, create omelettes and a number of other great meals. 


Start eating some salmon in order to get all the Omega-3 fatty acids you need to give your baby the best eyes and a more developed brain. Salmon provides a good amount of protein and B vitamins, and is low in mercury in comparison to other fish.

During pregnancy, it’s vital that you eat a good amount of food that is high in nutrients and protein. There are countless ways to stay healthy and strong, so learn how you can work towards eating specific foods to boost your baby’s development.

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