What Is a Normal Birthweight?

June 11, 2015

Most parents want to their children to be above average. But when it comes to birth weight, average is best. At birth, the average newborn weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. The normal birthweight range is anywhere between 5.5 pounds and ten pounds. Although there will always be outliers, around 95 percent of all newborns fall in between this range.

While a birth weight lower than 5.5 pounds or higher than ten pounds is not automatically cause for concern, it is always a good idea to be informed. Learn more about newborn birth weight below.

What Influences a Newborn’s Weight?

Several factors influence a newborn’s birth weight, including the following:

Your prenatal health. This includes whether your drink, smoke, or have diabetes or other medical factors.

Your diet and weight. If you are overweight, your baby may be heavier than average. Similarly, if you do not get adequate nutrients while you’re pregnant, your baby may be smaller.

Genetics. Genetics play a big role in a newborn’s birth weight. Your birth weight, your partner’s birth weight and your size now can all play a role.

Gender. Boys tend to be heavier than girls when born.

Whether your baby is multiple. Twins, triplets and other sets of multiples are typically smaller than singletons.

Weight Loss in Newborns

Many parents are alarmed to find their newborn has lost weight upon discharge from the hospital. Although this may seem concerning, it is actually not uncommon for newborns to lose around five to ten percent of their birth weight. This weight loss occurs thanks in part to fluid loss, which is completely normal after delivery. There is generally no need to worry, as the baby should gain this weight back (and most likely more) within two weeks of delivery. Your pediatrician will closely monitor your baby’s weight for the first month after delivery to ensure he or she is at a healthy weight. Newborns typically gain six to eight ounces each week for the first few months they are alive, which equals about one to two pounds per month.

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