6 Summer Tips for Expecting Mothers

July 25, 2018

People like to talk about the proverbial pregnancy glow. But let’s get real. No matter how happy you may be about expecting a little one, it can also be uncomfortable. And the discomfort can be exacerbated by the extra heat and humidity of the summer months.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make the hottest season of the year a more pleasant experience while you’re expecting.

Summer Pregnancy Safety Tips

1. Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated while pregnant will increase the chances of headaches, constipation, and even more swelling than what you’re already experiencing. In more extreme cases, it can even cause you to experience contractions.

2. Wear shoes with proper arch support. While the higher temperatures and beach side afternoons may make you want to wear flip-flops all the time, as your baby belly grows, you’ll need shoes that provide adequate support. While there are sandals and slide-on shoes that are perfect to wear during pregnancy, you have to do your research. Not any old pair will do.

3. Wear sunscreen. Although this one applies regardless of whether or not you’re pregnant, when a woman is expecting, the hormones make the skin more sensitive. As a result, when you’re exposed to sunlight while pregnant, you’re more likely to sunburn. You’re also more likely to develop chloasma (dark skin splotches).

4. Avoid sodium. You don’t have to eliminate it completely, but the more of it you consume, the more bloating you will experience. Generally, processed foods are laden with sodium, so it’s better to opt for fresh, whole foods, or to at least read labels before purchasing.

5. Go for a swim. There are so many reasons why going for a swim while pregnant is beneficial: It will cool you down during the hotter days, it’ll reduce swelling of joints, and it’s good exercise. In addition, regular physical activity while you’re expecting will alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy, keep your weight stable, and prepare you for delivery.

6. Keep your feet elevated. We’ve addressed swelling several times above. That’s because it unavoidable: Some swelling comes with the territory of being pregnant. This is because while you’re expecting, your body is producing up to 50% more fluids than when you’re not pregnant. That said, standing for long periods of time, especially during the summer heat, will make the swelling even worse (in turn, make you more uncomfortable). Resting with your feet elevated will help alleviate some of the discomfort.

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