Pregnancy Myths: If You’re Carrying Low, You’re Having a Boy

July 29, 2015

Are you pregnant? Chances are someone has already tried to tell you whether you’re carrying a boy or girl based on the state of your belly. An old wives’ tale claims that if you’re carrying low, you’re having a boy and vice versa. While this claim is pregnancy myth #98985, you can learn some actual facts about your baby bump here:

What Your Belly Actually Says About Your Baby

While the position of your belly doesn’t give any clue to the gender of your body, it does say something about your abdominal muscles, according to a Texas A & M assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN. When a woman is carrying high, her abdominal muscles are most likely in good shape. On the other hand, a woman who is carrying low may have lax muscles from previous pregnancies, age, or a low fitness level.

The position of your “baby belly” is also depending on your physical frame. Taller women typically have longer torsos, which cause them to have narrower bellies, while shorter women will look wider.

Other Baby Belly Myths Debunked

Besides the highs and lows, you’ve likely heard a few other belly bump myths too.

“If I show early, it’s a girl!”

This is an all-too-common baby bump myth. Despite the old wives’ tales, the size of your belly has no correlation to your baby’s gender. Most women don’t begin showing until they are in their second trimester, because the uterus is typically hidden behind the public bone. A woman may think she is showing early on, but chances are it is just bloating that comes along with early pregnancies.

“The line on my belly is long, so it’s a boy!”

During pregnancy, some women will develop dark line down the center of their belly into the public area. While this is common do to fluctuating hormones, an old wives’ tale says it could determine whether it is a boy or girl. Some say that if the line extends from the lower rib cage to the pubic area, it’s a boy, but if it only extends to the belly button, it is a girl.

Get the Pregnancy Care You Need

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