Most Popular Baby Names of 2015

December 8, 2015

Names of babies often stay popular for a few years and then cycle down the list. Some names, however, have been popular for centuries and are likely to always be considered as classic names. Names are oftentimes influenced by family members or even pop culture. The 2015 most popular baby names have recently been released, with some old favorites making the chart.


1. Sophia

2. Emma

3. Olivia

4. Ava

5. Mia

6. Isabella

7. Zoe

8. Lily

9. Emily

10. Madison


1. Jackson

2. Aiden

3. Liam

4. Lucas

5. Noah

6. Mason

7. Ethan

8. Caden

9. Logan

10. Jacob


Sophia and Jackson remain in the very top of the list in 2015. Its followers are also no strangers to the top ten list of baby names for the year. Emma, Olivia, Aiden and Ethan have been widely popular around the country for several years now. Madison is a newcomer, dropping Madelyn below the top ten. Caden is also a newcomer, and it is yet to be seen if this name will continue to rise towards the top of the list in coming years. Jackson seems to be a long-term favorite, as this is its third year ranking as number one.

What These Lists Mean for Your Unborn

Names will come and go with popularity and culture shifts. Many people are concerned if their baby’s name is too popular, then they will not feel like an individual. Nonetheless, it is important to pick a name that is meaningful to the family, regardless of popularity. For more information on family planning, please contact OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch