Dyspareunia: Pain During Sex

May 11, 2015

Painful intercourse, also known as dyspareunia, can be caused by a wide number of reasons varying from medical to psychological. Many women feel as though there is something wrong with them when sex becomes painful, however it is actually a very common condition. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates that nearly three out of every four women experience painful intercourse at least once in their life.

Why does it hurt when I have sex?

There are many gynecological problems that may be causing painful sex. Some of the most common causes include:

Vaginal Dryness: Proper lubrication is important during sexual intercourse. When hormonal changes cause vaginal dryness, sex can suddenly become painful. Try a water-based lubricant to help reduce the pain.

Vaginal Infections: This can range from yeast infections to sexually transmitted infections, to urinary tract infections. If you believe you have a vaginal infection, seek medical attention at once.

Allergic Reactions: Some women have reactions or sensitivities to certain products. Latex, scented soaps, douches, and perfumed tampons can call cause allergic reactions leading to painful intercourse.

Vaginismus: This is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles during penetration. It can be caused by either physical or psychological factors.

Ectopic Pregnancy: When a fertilized egg develops outside the uterus, this is called an ectopic pregnancy and can cause painful sex.

Problems with the Uterus: When experiencing pain during deep intercourse, it could be because of a problem with the uterus or the fallopian tubes. It could be a serious medical condition, so it’s important to see a doctor right away if you are experiencing deep pain.

These are just some of the possible causes of pain during intercourse. There are many other emotional and physical factors that may make sex painful for certain women. If you experience painful sex, it’s important to meet with a gynecologist right away.

Treating Painful Sex

Painful intercourse doesn’t just affect us physically. The stress of not being able to perform a basic biological function affects many women mentally as well. Visit OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch today and find the root cause of your painful sex. Our caring team will help you understand the cause of your problem and find the treatment plan that works best for you. Call or make your appointment online today and meet with one of our caring gynecologists.