Common Sex-Related Questions Answered

October 20, 2023

Do you have sex-related questions you are embarrassed to ask your healthcare provider?  First, there should be no shame in asking questions about your sexual health.   Understanding our bodies and what is “normal” for us is important.  Plus, you should know that you can ask our team of healthcare providers about your sexual health and reproductive health because we care about your overall well-being.  If something is disrupting your sexual health or reproductive health it can end up affecting other areas of your life. Here will address some common sex-related questions.

Why Am I Not In The Mood For Sex?

There can be a multitude of answers to this question.  It can be a side effect of a medication you are taking. Or if you have been experiencing pain during sex or haven’t been able to orgasm during sex.  Being menopausal or perimenopausal can also be a factor. Also, if you are not feeling confident about yourself or you are experiencing some problems in your relationship this can cause you to have a low sex drive.  The list of reasons why you haven’t been in the mood for sex can be very long.  

Let’s go over a list of things you can do to find an answer to this question that is more specific to you.

  • Ask yourself if you feel healthy – physically, emotionally, and mentally.  If you have noticed changes in these areas of your health that could give you a good foundation to share that information with your healthcare provider. For example, feeling stressed or overwhelmed in your life can affect your libido.
  • Look up the side effects of the medications you are taking.  Still not sure?  Ask your healthcare provider if any of the medications you are taking can cause a change in your libido.
  • Is sex painful for you?  It could mean that you need to find ways/positions that are more comfortable for you.  The use of a lubricant can be helpful.  If those are not the issues, maybe you have gone through menopause.  If there has been a change in your estrogen levels that can be a factor.  This may be a good time to request a blood test to check your estrogen levels.
  • Sex hasn’t been exciting to you because you haven’t had an orgasm.  Stay tuned we will discuss this a little more and you may find your answers there. 
  • You recently had a baby and you have been too tired.  Once the baby sleeps through the night things you can start getting more rest and hopefully feel less tired.  You can also ask for help.  This could make a big difference.  Get a babysitter and go on a date with your partner.  You can hopefully increase the romance factor which will also help.
  • Problems in your relationship?  Talk to your partner about what is bothering you or seek counseling.  Most things can be worked out if both parties are willing. 

Do I Have A Vaginal Odor?

More than likely you do not unless you have an infection or an imbalance in your vaginal bacterial levels that leads to the condition called vaginitis.  You and/or your healthcare provider can rule those out.  If you are still concerned about an odor – it could be from dehydration or stress.  You can find more answers to this question here

After A Vaginal Delivery Will My Vagina Lose Elasticity?

For the most part, no.  The vagina is a very elastic organ that will start to regain muscle tone within a few days after a vaginal birth.  If you have had multiple babies or larger babies you will notice some change.  Doing Kegels will help your vagina to regain its original shape or form.  Having a vaginal rejuvenation procedure will help to restore the appearance and function of the vagina if that is a concern.  

Why Can’t I Have An Orgasm During Sex?  Is There Something Wrong With Me?

More than likely there is nothing wrong with you.  All women are different and can experience orgasms in different ways.  For example, some women can have an orgasm during sex with vaginal penetration alone.  Most women can only orgasm with stimulation of the clitoris.  

Have a discussion with your partner about this.  Generally, communication can help you both gain clarity on what you both need in your relationship sexually, emotionally, etc.   

We understand that you may feel uncomfortable talking about sex-related issues.  However, asking questions and learning about your body is a good place to start when you want to get the most out of your sex life.  

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