How to Choose Your Baby’s Name

February 27, 2018

If you’re an expecting mother or already a parent, you know that choosing a name for your baby can take three trimesters or longer.

Some mothers have had a list of names for their special moment since they were young. Others may have decided to name their children after relatives or someone who inspires them.

There’s no right or wrong way to decide on a name for your child, as long as you choose one you love. Where did you get inspiration for naming your baby? If you are still searching, take a look at the resources that have helped many families decide on names for their children.

The World’s #1 Pregnancy and Parenting Resource

BabyCenter offers expert guidance for expecting mothers and parents. They have resources and advice for baby name ideas and inspiration. The information they provide includes resources for the following questions:

10 Resources for Baby Naming Tips and Strategies

1. How will your child’s name sound?
2. Does the name you chose go well with your last name?
3. Is it a unique name?
4. Is the name you picked easily mispronounced?
5. What is the significance of the name?
6. Are your baby’s initials monogram friendly?
7. Will your baby’s name age well?
8. What are good nicknames for the name you chose?
9. How do you avoid pressure from family members to name your child after them?
10. How should you spell your child’s name?

How to Choose a Name For My Baby

Some parents find it less complicated than others when it comes to choosing a name for their baby. For the parents who easily found names for their child, how did you choose the right one? The stories behind choosing a name for your baby make for a memorable experience to tell your child later on.

The internet has multiple resources that can help you decide on a name. Take a look at this article with 50 of the most popular baby names: The Most Popular Baby Names of 2017

Best Books For Baby Names

In addition to searching the internet, books are an excellent source of inspiration when it comes to finding options for naming your baby. Here are a few helpful books we’ve found:

5 Top Baby Name Books

1. The Baby Name Wizard
2. The Name Book
3. Beyond Ava & Aiden
4. Baby Names Now
5. 100,000 + Baby Names

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