Beauty Tips & Tricks

December 17, 2022

We all know it is important to take care of ourselves.  Eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising, and getting enough sleep is key.  Simple enough, right?  Did you know that creating a beauty regimen can help to boost your mood?

Especially, if you have been feeling down.  Sometimes just taking time to put on that favorite outfit and do our hair and makeup we have a better chance of lifting our own spirits.  Plus, taking care of your skin and hair is just good practice.  Let’s cover some beauty tips and tricks to do just that!

Skin, Hair & Makeup 


  • Are you prone to puffy eyes?  Try sleeping on your back to avoid waking up with puffy eyes.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  • Drink plenty of water.  If you are dehydrated your skin will appear dry, tight, and flaky. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling. Plus, drinking water helps to flush out toxins in the body and prevent acne.
  • Make sure you are sleeping on a clean pillowcase.  Dirty pillowcases can harbor a lot of grime, oil, and bacteria from your hair, skin, and clothes, and can also cause breakouts.
  • Tips on washing your face: 
    • Wash your face in the morning and at night with a gentle cleanser.
    • Washing your face with ice-cold water tones the face and tightens pores to prevent blackheads and acne.
    • When you dry your face make sure you do not rub your face with the towel.  You will want to pat your skin dry.
  • Use your favorite face mask in the shower.  Not only will it save you time.  You have a better chance of absorbing the hydrating ingredients.
  • Massage your face.  You can increase blood flow and oxygen which are needed for healing.  Try using a gua sha tool.  Brightens your complexion, contours, and sculpts, and can soften wrinkles and fine lines
  • The best time to moisturize is when your skin is still damp, right after a shower or bath.
  • Always wear sunscreen.  Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays and prevents wrinkles, spots, and skin cancer.  Choose an SPF 50 sunscreen that is sweatproof and waterproof. 


  • If you wake up with frizzy hair, try swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one.  Silk reduces friction and will allow your hair to retain moisture.
  • Apply coconut oil to the bottom half of your hair once a week and let it sit for a couple of hours, then rinse. Your hair will be left feeling silky and smooth.
  • Allow your hair to air dry whenever possible.
  • Don’t rub your hair to dry it.  Rubbing your hair with a towel roughs up the cuticle, resulting in frizzy hair.  Twist your hair to remove water and blot with a towel.
  • When you use a blow dryer start on the lowest heat setting and gradually increase the heat as needed.
  • Massage your scalp to improve circulation and stimulate hair growth.
  • Get your haircut every 10-12 weeks to keep the hair healthy and prevent split ends.
  • Want to wear your hair up and want your bobby pins to stay in place?  Coat your bobby pins with a layer of hairspray for a better hold, squiggly side down.
  • Tame flyaways with a clean makeup spoolie and a little hairspray.  


  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly.
  • Want a dewy glow?  Mix a little moisturizer into your foundation.  
  • Don’t feel like wearing makeup?  Mix a drop of your favorite bronzer into your moisturizer.  Giving your face a fresh little boost.
  • Remember, your makeup has an expiration date.  Occasionally go through your makeup inventory to weed out those that are expired.
  • Exfoliate your lips with a homemade blend of coconut oil and brown sugar.  This will also prevent your lipstick from pilling.
  • The easiest way to define your cupid’s bow is to take a lip liner, the same shade as your lipstick, and create an “x”.
  • Want a smokey eye but don’t want it to look too harsh?  Use a shade of brown instead of black eyeshadow.
  • Going for the fuller lash look?  Apply an eyeliner pencil to your upper waterline for thicker eyelashes.
  • To clean up makeup mistakes, dip a cotton swab into micellar water, and gently dab the mistake away.  
  • If you get mascara on your eyelids, wait until it dries and use a clean eyeshadow brush to buff it off.

Want to know the ultimate beauty tip?  Smile!  Nothing looks better than being truly happy. We hope you find this information helpful.  Take time to take care of yourself.

Here at OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch, we are honored to help women live healthy lives.   Come visit us and find out why we are the most trusted name in women’s health in the Lakewood Ranch area.  Stay well!