5 Foods That Ease PMS

December 17, 2015

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to a group of symptoms linked to a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you’ve experienced changes in your mood, irritability, anxiety, tiredness, difficulty sleeping, bloating, upset stomach, headache, backache or other symptoms associated with PMS approximately one to two weeks before the beginning of your period, then you’ll want to keep reading. Instead of reaching for the bottle of Advil or Midol, here are five foods that can naturally ease PMS symptoms.

Ease Cramping & Bloating

Avocado – A great source for a variety of vitamins and minerals, the omega-3 fatty acids found in avocados can help your body fight inflammation and ease pain related to menstrual cramping. Try bringing avocado into your diet by making a guacamole dip for veggies, spicing up sandwiches with a few slices of avocado or adding it to a smoothie.

Non-fat yogurt – Research has shown that women have lower calcium levels as they near ovulation. Indulging in your favorite non-fat yogurt can boost your calcium levels which helps to increase your mood and ease bloating.

Ease Irritability & Fatigue

Salmon – An excellent source of vitamin D, which is necessary for your body to absorb calcium. Studies have suggested that women with adequate levels of vitamin D can reduce their PMS symptoms. Salmon is an excellent way to ease irritability and fight fatigue.

Preventing Acne Breakouts

Brazil nuts – Not only can Brazil nuts boost your energy, but they are also helpful in decreasing breakouts during your menstrual cycle. They contain many essential nutrients including vitamin E, selenium and other fatty acids. This combination of nutrients and antioxidants help to keep your skin hydrated, decrease inflammation and neutralize oil production. Add some brazil nuts to your trail mix for a great snack any time of day.

Ease Water Retention & Elevate Mood

Beans – An excellent source of magnesium, which is an essential nutrient to menstruating women. Studies have revealed that women who experience various PMS symptoms have lower magnesium levels than those who aren’t bothered by PMS. Beans are very versatile, making it easy to add them to a variety of dishes. They will not only complement your food, but help decrease water retention and elevate your mood.

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