3 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

December 2, 2015

The holiday season is all about family, fun and food. Unfortunately, that last part tends to stick around long after the party ends and your loved ones return home. Research has found that people tend to gain an average of one pound over the holidays. It doesn’t sound like much, but it accumulates over time. In addition, people who are already overweight tend to gain more than the extra pound. Fortunately, there are three key tips that can help you avoid these unnecessary holiday gains.

1. Use Red Plates

People associate red with not only Christmas, but also “stop.” In one study, people who ate off of red plates consumed less food than those who had blue or white plates. This led the authors of the study to believe that red may trigger culturally ingrained habits associated with stop signs or red lights.

2. Choose Tall Wine Glasses

Wine and other alcoholic drinks are very high in calories. However, a study suggests that the type of wine and shape of glass you choose, as well as whether you hold the glass as you pour, might lead to drinking less. In one study, researchers discovered that people who chose red wine in tall, narrow glasses and poured as the glass sat on the table tended to consume less wine overall.

3. Choose Healthy Foods First

A holiday spread can leave you feeling overwhelmed with succulent choices. However, it’s recommended you start by filling your plate at the end of the table that features fruit and veggie dishes. Studies suggest that people who do this tend to eat less fattening options. If you’re hosting a holiday get-together, you can do both yourself and your guests a huge favor by arranging your table with healthy foods at the beginning and more indulgent ones at the end.

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