Which Wrinkle Fighting Treatment Is Best For Me?

June 18, 2015

For many women, aging skin is a big concern. The first signs of aging can become noticeable during the mid to late 20s and typically include the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. As women reach their 30s and 40s, deep lines around the mouth and eyes can begin to appear as the skin loses some of it elasticity. Although the aging process is natural, for many women, it can decrease their confidence, but with today’s advances in medicine, there are more wrinkle-fighting options than ever. Below, learn some of the most popular and effective wrinkle-fighting treatments available.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is a popular treatment for wrinkles that works by paralyzing the muscles. As the muscles are paralyzed, they are unable to contract, which smoothens out your noticeable wrinkles. Furthermore, the treatment reinforces your skin every time you frown, furrow your brow, purse your lips or make a facial expression that causes fine lines.

Synthetic Wrinkle Fillers

Synthetic wrinkle fillers work by boosting the collagen in your face. The fillers prompt your body to make its own collagen naturally over time, which helps garner fresher, younger looking skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers

Hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers are the most widely used form of wrinkle fillers today. The injections contain a sugar-derived gel, which adds contour while smoothing wrinkles and restoring sagging skin. These fillers are great in the treatment of medium to deep facial wrinkles, with many women using them to fill in the nasolabial wrinkles, which run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth (sometimes referred to as parentheses). What is most appealing about these fillers is they last for about a year.

Do Something For Yourself

At OB-GYN’s Women’s Centre, we offer various wrinkle-fighting treatments to help you feel your best. We offer two botulinum products, BOTOX® and Xeomin®, which are commonly used to smooth wrinkles between the brows, around the mouth and on the forehead. We also offer synthetic wrinkle fillers, as well as Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus and Voluma® XC to fight deep-set wrinkles. If you’re interested in wrinkle-fighting treatments, give us a call today to discuss all of your options, or schedule your appointment online.