Give Yourself the Gift of Mindfulness: You Deserve It!

February 17, 2016

“The wise use of leisure…is a product of civilization and education.”

This quote is from “In Praise of Idleness,” an essay written by Bertrand Russell in 1932. The essay challenges the idea that “everything ought to be done for the sake of something else, and never for its own sake,” and points out that being constantly busy is a fairly new invention of the developed world. However, even since the early 30s, the world has changed drastically—it’s faster, more impatient, much less healthy and much less mindful than it has ever been before.

What Is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the conscious and intentional awareness of the present moment, specifically in regard to the individual’s place within that moment. What does that mean? It means slowing down to reflect upon ourselves for long enough that we can positively impact our health in a lasting way.

How Mindfulness Improves Your Health

Mindfulness is an integral part of Buddhist meditation, but it caught on quickly in the secular and medical worlds in the early 1900s. It has since become a popular alternative healing method.

Mindfulness has proved to assist with ailments ranging from the physical to the mental, and even helps athletes and soldiers improve their performance and overall focus. In fact, in a 2014 study, scientists found that practicing mindfulness produced much the same results as anti-depression medication.

For women suffering sexual dissatisfaction, mindfulness may be the key to enjoying sex again!

Inserting Mindfulness Into an Already Busy Schedule

The world isn’t slowing down any time soon, but mindfulness takes as little as a few minutes per day. Start by focusing on your breathing and being present. Try not to worry about things that are out of your control. Be aware of the present and relax your body. Mindfulness programs range anywhere from the intense hour-long session to the quick and effective 2-minute practice.

OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch Cares About Your Journey

No matter your concern, mindfulness can help. Contact the OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch today to speak with a practitioner about taking care of yourself and improving your health. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness or getting annual check ups, OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch wants you to be healthy and happy throughout life’s journey.