Early Signs of Menopause

January 6, 2016

As women near their 40s, their ovaries contain fewer eggs than they did when they were younger. The body’s hormone balance begins to change and the menstrual process nears its end. Menopause typically occurs between the ages of 45 to 50. When menopause hits before that typical age range, it is considered early menopause.

What is Perimenopause

Perimenopause, the stage before menopause, is normal. Several years before menopause begins, less estrogen is produced in the ovaries. Perimenopause may last anywhere from a few months to 10 years. While women may experience menopause-like symptoms during perimenopause, the symptons aren’t usually severe. The most common symptom of perimenopause is irregular periods and changes in menstrual bleeding.

Signs of Early Menopause

Once a woman’s period has stopped for an entire year, the woman is considered to have reached in menopause. Some symptoms of early menopause include:

  • Extreme irritability, mood swings or depression – Hormonal shifts can affect your mood. Early menopause can make you wonder why you just don’t feel like yourself.
  • Hot flashes – If you get flushed, sweaty or warm even when your environment is cool and comfortable, you could be exhibiting a sign of early menopause.
  • Changes in sleep patterns – Night sweats can make you wake up more frequently, and mood changes can cause anxiety that keeps you from sleeping through the night.
  • Unusual hair growth or hair loss – Changes in hormones can cause hair to spring up in strange places or fall out and become thinner.
  • Loss of libido or vaginal dryness – If you just don’t feel like getting frisky anymore, whether it’s due to vaginal pain or just lack of desire, this could be a sign you are going through early menopause.

How OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch Can Help With Early Menopause

If you are experiencing signs of early menopause, the doctors at OB-GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch can help you through the unpleasant symptoms. We can conduct tests to measure your hormones and determine if your body is, in fact, undergoing early menopause. If so, our hormone therapy and treatment options can help you retain the quality of life you’re used to. If you’re concerned about early menopause, call us to find out how our treatment options can help you grow older gracefully.