Can I Exercise While Pregnant?

April 16, 2015

Not long ago, most pregnant women were under the impression that exercising during pregnancy was harmful. However, those days are long gone. Now we know that not only is it safe to exercises during pregnancy, but it can actually be very beneficial. While every pregnancy is different, and every woman should consult with her obstetrician, working out should be a part of life for every expectant mother.

The Benefits of Working Out While Pregnant

No only will working out while pregnant make you look like a kick butt super-mommy at the gym, it can have many benefits for your baby as well. Just some of the ways that exercises can help include:

– Improved mood

– Reduced pains and aches

– Lowered chance of developing gestational diabetes

– Lowered risk of preeclampsia

– Easier labor

Safe Pregnancy Workouts

While pregnant women should get around 30 minutes of exercise a day, they should still avoid strenuous activities. Ideally, you will want to keep your heart rate below 140 beats per minutes. It’s also best to stick with low-impact aerobics such as swimming, walking and stationary bicycling. Weight lifting is fine as well, however it may be best to do more reps of lighter weights than normal.

Other exercises such as jogging are fine in moderation, however you may want to avoid exercises that involve balance or coordination. During pregnancy, your center of gravity changes. This can increase your risk of falling and injury, especially later in pregnancy.

Who Should Avoid Exercise

While exercise is a great way of keeping you and your baby healthy, not all pregnant women should workout. Women with certain medical conditions such as heart disease and asthma may need to avoid exercise. Also, women at a high risk of miscarriage, a history of early labor or a weak cervix may be advised to avoid physical activity. Ask your obstetrician if you are healthy enough for exercise.

Speak With a Physician First

If you are pregnant, be sure you consult with OB-GYN Women’s Centre before exercising. Our experienced physicians can determine if exercise is right for you and will help you build a custom workout regimen for your pregnancy. There is no reason you shouldn’t stay active while pregnant! Make your appointment with OB-GYN Women’s Centre today.