Heartbeat Bear

Young girl hugging heartbeat bear

Capture the Sound of Your Baby’s Heartbeat and Create a Keepsake to Cherish Forever

As an expectant mother, there is nothing more precious than hearing your baby’s heartbeat. That’s why we want to offer expectant mothers a way to cherish this precious memory for years to come.

With My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, you can capture the sound of your baby’s heartbeat and create a cherished keepsake you can listen to forever. The My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kit includes an adorably soft stuffed animal, along with a 20-second red heart recorder. The plush stuffed animals come in a variety of options, from cute and cuddly teddy bears to other adorable animals like a giraffe, turtle, husky puppy, hippo, dinosaur, cocoa bear, dragon, honey bear, patriot bear, elephant, and flamingo. Whatever stuffed animal you choose, each has a velcro opening on the back where you can place your red heart recorder.

Recording your baby’s heartbeat is easy. When you visit GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch for your next ultrasound, you will simply switch the button on your red heart to record your baby’s heartbeat via the monitor. Once you’ve completed the recording, turn the switch to play back your recording. Now you’ll have your baby’s heartbeat to cherish for years to come.

Create Your Keepsake Today

If you’d like to record your baby’s heartbeat and create a keepsake you can cherish forever, contact GYN Women’s Centre of Lakewood Ranch. During your next ultrasound, we’ll help you record your baby’s heartbeat. As always, we’re here for all of your pregnancy needs, so contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule your next appointment.